Do you know someone who is claiming benefits, discounts, or exemptions they are not entitled to?

Do you know someone who has used false information to obtain housing?

Do you know someone who rents out (sub-lets) their council or housing association home?

Do you know someone who lives in a property that shouldn't, or someone who is supposed to live in a property but doesn’t?

Report it!

Please report any suspected Fraud to your District Council.

We will treat all reports with confidence. You do not have to give your name and address, but giving us contact details means that investigators can get in touch if there are any queries. Please provide as much information as you can so that the allegation can be fully investigated. Sometimes an allegation cannot be followed up because there is not enough information to do so.

We welcome reports on any type of fraud you believe may be taking place, though please be aware that reporting fraud which you know is not true to try to cause trouble for someone, wastes both time and money, and could lead to legal action being taken.

Further information on the various types of fraud which involve local councils and housing providers can be found under the 'What is Fraud?' tab above. Details of the organisations which make up the Somerset Tenancy Fraud Forum (the partnership of local councils and housing providers who started the ‘Know a Cheat in Your Street’ campaign), can be found under the 'Our Members' tab.


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